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Tips to prepare your trip to Majorca

Tips to prepare your trip to Majorca
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If you have chosen Mallorca as your holiday destination, from Agroturismo Ses Vistes we accompany you in your adventure from the beginning, and of course, if you book your stay in our little piece of paradise, until the end. Therefore, if you are planning your trip to Mallorca there are 5 things you should not leave to chance:

  • Get the best flights at the best price.
    Search and compare. Booking ahead of time is always an important saving.
    The first thing you have to look at is undoubtedly the flights to Mallorca, especially in high season. Mallorca is a very busy tourist destination and in high season you may find yourself with the surprise of not having places available on the dates you want to travel.


  • Find the best hotel for your holidays.
    That means looking for a hotel in an ideal location, with the services you need and, if you travel as a family, that it’s also perfect for both children and adults. A hotel that offers you all the comforts you deserve to make your holidays in Mallorca an unforgettable experience.


  • Search for activities to enjoy Mallorca to the fullest.
    Know which beaches are the safest, most paradisiacal and most important on the island. If you travel in spring or summer, what you can’t miss are the best beaches on Mallorca. On the island, there is an infinite number of beautiful beaches and coves to discover.


  • Discover the gastronomy and enjoy the Mediterranean diet.
    The gastronomy of the island is one of the most important attractions of this tourist destination. If you travel to Mallorca you cannot miss our ensaimadas, black pork sobrassada, fried Mallorcan, rice and seafood and all the typical dishes of the area.


  • Make the perfect suitcase to travel to Mallorca.
    That means knowing that the climate prevails during the time you are travelling to Mallorca. When packing your suitcase you have to take into account the weather it will be during the dates you choose for your holidays in Mallorca. Although Mallorca enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate almost all year round, the coldest months you will need moderate warm clothing. During the hottest summer months, it goes without saying, but… Don’t forget to put your bathing suit in!

See you in paradise!

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