Wine tasting in Mallorca

During your holidays in Mallorca you can enjoy different activities. Get to know the beautiful beaches of Mallorca, stroll through the markets of Mallorca or do wine tastings in Mallorca. Undoubtedly, the latter is a different option and one that you usually love.


Verano en Mallorca

Llega el buen tiempo a Mallorca y con ello las ganas de ir a zonas costeras con playa. Por ello es tan especial el verano en Mallorca, porque junta todo lo necesario para ser el sitio perfecto para pasar las vacaciones.


Restaurants in Porreres

Porreres is a beautiful municipality in the interior of Mallorca, quiet in winter and busy in summer. Located in Es Pla on the island and known for its great agricultural dedication. It is undoubtedly the ideal place to relax and try typical local food in its many first-class restaurants in Porreres.

Next, we will recommend the restaurants in Porreres where you will have a guaranteed pleasant culinary experience. In them you can enjoy both the best food and the best wines on the island.


Palma de Mallorca Airport

Majorca is one of the most touristic and paradisiacal islands in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the most visited by international tourism. For this reason, Palma de Mallorca Airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain. It is one of the largest, it is one of the busiest and it is one of the airports with the largest number of flights and connections. Therefore, it is very easy to get to Mallorca by plane.


Holidays in Porreres

Porreres is one of the most charming villages in the Pla de Mallorca. In this small village of Mallorca, we can find some of the most beautiful and quiet agrotourisms of the island. It is a privileged location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the stress of everyday life. A holiday in Porreres can be the holiday we all need from time to time to escape from our routine. (más…)

What to do in Mallorca

Mallorca is a fantastic island where there is no time for boredom. Despite this, many visitors have doubts about what to do in Mallorca. If this is your case, don’t worry. We will show you some of the best things to do in Mallorca.


Calas de Mallorca

Coves in Mallorca

The coves in Mallorca are one of the main attractions of the island. Because Mallorca is surrounded by the sea, it is the perfect place to find some of the most beautiful coves in Mallorca. The coves in Mallorca are mainly characterised by clear turquoise waters and surrounded by an unsurpassable natural environment.



Villages of Mallorca

Mallorca is an island that is made up of several municipalities, some of which are incredible villages. The villages of Mallorca are a very important part of the charm of the island, as they are the perfect places to rest and disconnect. Visiting these small villages is the best way to get to know in depth the most deeply rooted customs of Mallorca.