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Local markets in Mallorca

Local Markets in Mallorca: An Enriching Experience

Local Markets in Mallorca: An Enriching Experience
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Staying at an agrotourism accommodation on the island not only offers stunning landscapes and authentic rural experiences but also the opportunity to explore the vibrant local markets in Mallorca. 

These local markets provide a window into the island’s rich culture and tradition, and today we will introduce you to three of the most notable ones: Sineu Market, C’an Picafort Market, and Inca Market.

Sineu Market: An Ancient Tradition

A Journey Back in Time

Sineu Market is one of the oldest markets in Mallorca, held every Wednesday since the Middle Ages. Located in the heart of the island, this market is famous for its authenticity and traditional atmosphere.

Fresh Produce and Handicrafts

Here you will find a wide variety of fresh products, from locally grown fruits and vegetables to artisanal sausages and cheeses. Additionally, Sineu Market is known for its local crafts, including ceramics and typical Mallorcan textiles.

Variety for All Tastes

If fresh products and handicrafts are not enough, at Sineu Market you can also find plants, clothes, animals such as sheep, piglets, and birds, and even agricultural machinery.


C’an Picafort Market: The Perfect Fusion of Beach and Market

A Market with a Sea View

Located in the northeast of the island, C’an Picafort Market is held every Friday and is a perfect destination to combine a day at the beach with a visit to the market.


This ecological market is ideal for lovers of natural products, offering food, personal hygiene items, and clothing. All products are handled with the utmost care and naturally, as evidenced by the organic product certificate.


Local Delicacies and Souvenirs

This market is ideal for tasting local delicacies such as sobrasada and Mallorcan bakery products. It is also an excellent place to buy souvenirs, such as leather goods and handcrafted jewellery.

Inca Market: The Commercial Heart of Mallorca

A Market with History

The Inca Market, held on Thursdays, is one of the largest and most popular markets in Mallorca. Inca, known as the city of leather, offers an incredible selection of high-quality leather products at its market.

Fashion and Gastronomy

In addition to leather, at Inca Market you will find a wide variety of clothing, accessories, and gastronomic products. It is the perfect place to experience the vibrant commercial life of Mallorca.

Discover the Treasure of Local Markets in Mallorca

Exploring the markets of Mallorca is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the local culture and support the island’s producers and artisans. Whether in Sineu, C’an Picafort, or Inca, each market offers a unique experience that enriches any agrotourism visit to Mallorca.

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