Festivals in Porreres

A wonderful opportunity to get to know and immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions is through the local fiestas. In this case, the partys in Porreres are a unique opportunity to get to know Mallorca in a different way. Because yes, Mallorca is much more than beaches and coves with crystal-clear water and white sand, and today we want to prove it to you. 

Porreres is a small village located in the south-central area of Mallorca with a very special charm that we want you to get to know, and what better way to get to know it than through a tour of its popular partys?



Majorca as a family

Our Agroturismo Ses Vistes is located in the charming village of Porreres, in Mallorca. An island that offers a wide variety of exciting and enriching activities for families to enjoy during their stay with us. From contact with nature to family bonding, authentic experiences that provide fun and learning for all ages, get ready to discover Mallorca with your family at Agroturismo Ses Vistes!


Agroturismo Ses Vistes

Tips for travellers

If you are planning a relaxing holiday in a rural environment, Porreras is an excellent choice in Mallorca. This small village is home to our agroturismo, Ses Vistes, which offers an experience combined with authentic Mallorcan country life and all the comforts you need for your stay.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip:


Festivals in Mallorca

Summer in Mallorca is a time of the year when the island is full of colour, music and joy. During the months of June, July and August, Mallorca becomes one of the most visited places in Europe. The sun shines brightly, the beaches are full of bathers and the streets of the island’s villages are full of life and movement.

One of the biggest attractions of the summer in Mallorca is its offer of live music and open-air festivals. That is why today we recommend the festival held on 16th August in honour of Sant Roc, the patron saint of Porreras. This is the town where our Agroturismo Ses Vistes is located.



Routes in Mallorca

Is there a better plan than going on an excursion and ending it on a beach? Of course not. Therefore, although there are all kinds of excursions, today we are going to recommend a special route; Camí des Correu.

Mallorca has an ideal landscape for hundreds of excursions. Most of the paths are in very good condition and are well signposted, which makes it difficult to get lost.

If we had to describe today’s hiking route in one word, it would be MAGIC. Now you will understand why.


Visit the capital of Majorca

Visit the capital of Mallorca

The capital of the beautiful island of Majorca is Palma, the cultural and productive engine of this Mediterranean island. Visit the capital of Majorca and discover all the attributes of a city whose streets speak of history, of famous people and of the many cultures that have settled there.
Palma de Mallorca is one of those prestigious cities on a world scale that never sleeps. It is a privileged tourist destination, visited by many throughout the year. Let’s quickly review the characteristics that make the capital of Mallorca an ideal place to visit, have fun and relax.


Wine tasting in Mallorca

During your holidays in Mallorca you can enjoy different activities. Get to know the beautiful beaches of Mallorca, stroll through the markets of Mallorca or do wine tastings in Mallorca. Undoubtedly, the latter is a different option and one that you usually love.


Verano en Mallorca

Llega el buen tiempo a Mallorca y con ello las ganas de ir a zonas costeras con playa. Por ello es tan especial el verano en Mallorca, porque junta todo lo necesario para ser el sitio perfecto para pasar las vacaciones.