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Majorca as a family

Majorca as a family
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Our Agroturismo Ses Vistes is located in the charming village of Porreres, in Mallorca. An island that offers a wide variety of exciting and enriching activities for families to enjoy during their stay with us. From contact with nature to family bonding, authentic experiences that provide fun and learning for all ages, get ready to discover Mallorca with your family at Agroturismo Ses Vistes!

Here are some ideas to make your family holiday in Mallorca an enchanting stay on the island.

What could be better than exploring the natural beauty of Mallorca as a family with outdoor activities? At Agroturismo Ses Vistes, outdoor fun is guaranteed. Explore the beautiful natural landscapes surrounding Porreres through exciting excursions on foot or by bike. Discover picturesque trails, enjoy panoramic views and breathe in the fresh air as you immerse yourself in nature. You can also go horse riding in the surrounding area, a perfect experience for children to get close to the animals and enjoy the natural environment.

Discovering the local culture of Porreres is not a bad plan. You can visit the charming villages nearby. Porreres is known for its authentic and traditional atmosphere, where you can stroll through its cobbled streets, observe all the local architecture and enjoy the typical gastronomy in the local restaurants.

Agroturismo Ses Vistes

At Agroturismo Ses Vistes, we understand the importance of spending quality time with your family and creating memories during your holidays. That is why we invite you to enjoy a unique experience in our agrotourism in Porreras, Mallorca. With a wide variety of activities for all ages, we are sure that your family will live unforgettable moments.

In addition, our comfortable facilities, personalised attention and commitment to sustainability will make you feel at home. We will provide you with everything you need to enjoy Mallorca as a family in the best possible way.

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