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Mallorca; an island to be eaten

Mallorca; an island to be eaten
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Discover the best dishes to enjoy Mallorcan gastronomy.

In addition to its beaches and coves, Mallorca is known internationally for its gastronomy that has conquered the most demanding palates. In Ses Vistes we are going to review the typical dishes of Mallorcan gastronomy that will certainly not leave anyone indifferent. Prepare your fork…..

  1. Frito Mallorquín

It is the dish par excellence of Mallorcan cuisine as well as one of the recipes with m´ças antiquity of the island.  If you are a lover of more classic dishes, traditional Mallorcan fried food would be made up of lean pork or lamb, liver, potatoes, red peppers, onions, fennel, peas, garlic, salt and olive oil, although it can also be eaten with other variants.



  1. Tumbet

It is also a dish that will not leave anyone indifferent. This is a vegetarian recipe made from local vegetables. It is ideal to enjoy on the hottest days of the year and can often be accompanied with some fish to complement.



  1. Mallorcan sobrassada

Sobrassada is another of Mallorca’s best-known culinary traditions. Very popular to accompany with other products such as toast or biscuits or also in the form of a sandwich.



  1. Trampó’s delicious coca

It is an original Mallorcan recipe of which you can find many different versions (with meat, cold meat, tuna, vegetables or cheese). It is easy to find them in bakeries, as a first course in some menus and sometimes in special celebrations for snacking, eating or snacking.



  1. The Mallorcan ensaimada

It is the turn of the delicious desserts offered by Mallorcan gastronomy. What is more traditional in Mallorca than the ensaimada? These popular sweets are designed for breakfasts, desserts or snacks and have become the most popular «souvenir» in Mallorca.


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