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The weather in Porreras

The weather in Porreras
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Porreras is mainly known for its delicious dried apricots. Both the city and the surrounding area are agricultural areas which, thanks to the fertile land, feed the island’s economy.

The city was founded around the Arabian farmhouse. To this day, you can feel the breeze of history walking through the streets, admiring the old houses or the richness of the baroque temple of the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Consolación.

From January to March, the climate is not particularly good, but it can be. The thermometer can go up to 17°C and in March you can expect about 5 days of average rain. From April to May, the weather is more favorable. The temperature rises to 23°C and it rains about 22 mm in May.

Between June and July, the weather is perfect. The record temperature during these months is 36°C. In August, the weather is favorable. At lunchtime, the temperature is 30°C on average and you can expect 14 mm of rain/month during this period.

From September to October, the weather is very good. The maximum temperature of this month is 31°C and it rains 40 mm, every month. In November, the weather is very pleasant. On average, in the morning the temperature is 15°C and it rains around 62 mm during the month of November.

In December, the weather is very variable. The maximum temperature in Porreres this month is 21°C and it rains 45 mm on average during the whole month.

Main attractions in Porreres

Starting with the Monastery Ermita de Bonany, located near the village of Petra, Porreras is a quiet village in the town of Mallorca. It is a good place to stay during your holidays. It offers tourists many attractions, both historical and cultural:

Puig de Randa

It is a mountain, which rises to an altitude of 542 m above sea level, south of Algaida. It rises above the agricultural area of central Mallorca.
It is visited by tourists, not only because of the beautiful views, but mainly because of the three temples that are located at different levels of the mountain.
Necropolis of Son Real

«Phoenician Cemetery», 20 minutes walk from Son Baulo beach. The prehistoric cemetery, which was used from the Iron Age to the time of the Roman Empire, contains more than 100 tombs carved into the rock.

Resorts in Porreras

The village of Porreres in Mallorca is a typical example of everyday life and the authentic essence of a Mallorcan city, with green shutters and narrow streets. Take the opportunity to enjoy your holidays in our excellent hotel Ses Vistes.

Recently, the city has gained a reputation as the Mecca of gastronomy on the island. Along the main route from Palma to Manacor, you will find excellent restaurants serving solid meals of traditional cuisine.

Ses Vistes has a small port. The beach is popular with surfers. In the surroundings, you can practice sailing and surfing. The area is ideal for walking and cycling; it is worth going on a scenic route along the coast.

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