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Mallorca Cathedral

Mallorca Cathedral

Mallorca Cathedral
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Mallorca Cathedral, a jewel located right in the Paseo Marítimo

If you are planning your next visit or holiday to Mallorca, the famous Mallorca Cathedral is surely a must visit during your stay in the Balearic paradise.

This majestic monument is, unquestionably, one of the most symbolic landmarks on the island. The Cathedral, popularly known as La Seu, is located right in the Paseo Marítimo (main sea promenade) of the Balearic capital. Additionally, it is also a symbol of the historical heritage of the island, since this stunning Gothic construction perfectly synthesizes the last eight centuries of its history.

It was back in the XIII century when the Mallorca Cathedral began to be built. The religious monument is characterised by its Levantine Gothic style and its impressive Rose window known as the “Gothic Eye”, which is also one of the biggest rose windows in the world.

History of the Mallorca Cathedral

The history of the Mallorca Cathedral is in some way linked to the Majorcan monarchy. Considered to be the most emblematic Majorcan Gothic monument, the origins of the Cathedral go back to the XIII century when the conquest of Madina Mayurqa took place in 1229.

Jaime I, King of Aragón and Count of Barcelona, ordered the consecration of the old major mosque as the new “Virgen María” (Virgin Mary), therefore becoming a temple for Christian worship.

La Seu was built on top of the cliff where the Roman city of Palma was settled. In fact, the majestic Cathedral sits and looks over an old wall, and right beside a vast lake built later on. This all makes it a quite harmonious space that slowly blends with the Bay of Palma, thus giving spectacular views to the Mediterranean Sea.

Visiting hours of the Mallorca Cathedral

If you visit the island, you surely must visit Mallorca Cathedral.

Opening times and public visiting hours at La Seu:

  • 1st April – 31st May / October:
    From Monday to Friday, between10:00 and 17:15
  • 1st June – 30th September:
    From Monday to Friday, between 10:00 and 18:15
  • 2nd November – 31st March:
    From Monday to Friday, between10:00 and 15:15

* All year round: Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:15

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