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Cycling Mallorca

Cycling Mallorca
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Thanks to the good temperature of the Balearic Islands, many tourists decide to go cycling Mallorca all year round.

The island of Mallorca has a great variety of areas for cycling. One of the most common routes for cyclists is a ride through the Serra de Tramuntana. It is a mountain range located in the north of Mallorca with wonderful landscapes.

It is also very common for cyclists to go for a ride with a view of the sea.

Another of the advantages of cycling Majorca is the good weather of the Balearic Islands, due to the fact that Mallorca has more than 300 days of sun throughout the year.

Cycling in Porreras

Porreras is a municipality with a great cycling tradition. It is not by chance that it is the birthplace of Joan Llaneras, considered the best Spanish track cyclist of all times.

Many tourists come to Porreras to practice cycling. This is due to its different routes and its wonderful landscapes.

One of the favorite cycling routes for tourists in Porreras is: Porreras-Sant Joan-Villafranca. It is a route located in the plain or Pla de Mallorca, where you can discover its traditional inland villages and its charming landscapes.

To do this cycling route you have to start from Porreras and pass through the villages of Sant Joan and Villafranca de Bonany. The duration of this route is about 2h and 30min.

This cycling route crosses secondary roads with very little traffic and some of the roads that we find are not asphalted.

Agrotourism in Ses Vistes

If you come on vacations to Mallorca, do not hesitate to stay in Ses Vistes. One of the best agrotourism in Mallorca.

Ses Vistes, is a spectacular agrotourism in Porreras built in a typical Mallorcan finca. Ses Vistes is surrounded by nature, where you can disconnect and lose track of time. In our facilities you will find a beautiful swimming pool, an outdoor terrace and a solarium area perfect for relaxing.

In agroturismo Ses Vistes you will find everything you need to enjoy cycling Mallorca. Do not hesitate, come and enjoy at Ses Vistes!


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