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Apricot Fair in Porreres

Apricot Fair in Porreres
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Visit Porreres during the summer season and visit one of the most popular fairs on the island; the Apricot Fair.

Summer arrives in the municipality of Porrerres and is accompanied by one of the most important events in Porreres. On 21 June, the apricot gastronomic fair, a typical product of this town, is held in the municipality of Porreres. The apricot is the most representative product of Porreres, being in this municipality where the largest production is generated in Mallorca with about 70% of total production. Harvesting begins in May and lasts until the beginning of August.


Apricots are one of the most typical fruits of Mallorcan gastronomy, and they are very common in many dishes of our gastronomy, with different recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.
Both producers of apricots registered in the municipality as well as owners of land with apricot trees within the municipality participate in the fair. During the fair, visitors will be able to purchase apricots of different and excellent qualities, as well as other elements related to the fruit. Not to mention the possibility of exploring a suggestive, surprising and tempting gastronomic route in bars and restaurants. In addition to the gastronomic exhibition there will be photographic exhibitions, children’s workshops, musical performances, popular dances and exhibitors with different traditional products of the island.


This day has been held for six years now and is organised by the Town Hall with the collaboration of the Cooperativa de Porreres. Its purpose is to revive the consumption of the precious fruit of the lands of Porreres. The apricot is waiting for the Denomination of Origin for its quality. The apricot harvest is coming to its halfway point and in a few days the harvest of the most precious variety will begin: the red galta. The season is expected to be excellent in terms of both quantity, which could exceed the forecasts for the previous year, and the quality and presence of the specimens.


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