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Travel to Mallorca in winter

Travel to Mallorca in winter
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Travel and discover the secrets of Mallorca in winter


Not everything is sun and beach in Mallorca. Contrary to what you might think, Mallorca in winter offers a long list of activities and events, which can undoubtedly surprise you and which you can enjoy taking the best taste of your stay on the island.

In agrotourism Ses Vistes we want you to enjoy Mallorca 365 days a year, but we detail a series of reasons to enjoy Mallorca as much as possible in the coldest season of the year; winter.

1. Walking in solitude on the wonderful beaches
Lovers of the sea and tranquility have in winter the perfect season to enjoy each and every one of the Majorcan beaches almost alone. Surely the water will be a little cold to bathe in, but enjoying long walks on the sand and wetting your feet a bit is an ideal plan for any winter day in Mallorca.



2. Tramuntana mountain range
Visiting the wonderful Tramuntana mountain range in winter gives you the chance to visit some of the most charming villages in the Mediterranean.Valldemosa, Deià, Banyalbufar, Sóller or Fornalutx, among many others….. A perfect getaway to enjoy spectacular views and dream landscapes.



3. Patron saint festivities
The «dimonis»,»foguerons» and «torradas» are the great protagonists of the month of January in Mallorca with the traditional festivities of Sant Sebastià in Palma and Sant Antoni in Sa Pobla with a lot of activities for all ages and tastes.



4. Sports 
Thanks to an excellent climate, Mallorca offers the possibility of enjoying sports practice also in winter. From nautical sports, such as hiking or cycling become the star sports in the «coldest» season of the year.



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