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The best popular races in Mallorca

The best popular races in Mallorca
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Running Events in Mallorca

For some years now, running is a growing trend. All you have to do is put on a good pair of sneakers and go running to see for yourself why runnig has become the favorite sport discipline of thousands of people who want to get in shape and improve their lifestyle habits or participate in one of the popular reference races in Mallorca.

The physiognomy and excellent climate of our island are some of the many factors that make running gain more and more followers and many popular races are held every year in Mallorca. So if you are a passionate fan of this sport you will surely like to know which are the popular races with more name of the island. In Ses Vistes we show you all of them:

1. III Duatlo Colonia Sant Jordi. February

This is a very popular event that covers several disciplines (swimming, running) and has already become a permanent fixture in the sports calendar of Duathlon lovers.

2. Half Marathon CaixaBank-City of Palma. March

Last 2017 celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary as one of the most traditional popular races on the island, with very notable participation figures and high level brands.

3.Palma Marathon. October

Majorca’s most important city runner that runs through the centre of the city and is held during the month of October. It brings together more than 10,000 runners in different categories: marathon, half marathon and 10 kilometers.

4. San Silvestre Juaneda. December

More than 1000 people enjoy this recreational sport race organized for the fifth consecutive year and held during the Christmas holidays.  The event, which ends at Bellver Castle, has different categories to gather runners of all ages.




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