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The weather in Mallorca, the ally of a perfect holiday

The weather in Mallorca, the ally of a perfect holiday
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Mallorca’s climate is typically Mediterranean, characterized by warm temperatures, more or less mild in winter, with hot summers that on the island are enjoyed in another way thanks to the breeze offered by the Mediterranean. This mild climate throughout the year makes the island of Mallorca a perfect destination to enjoy a perfect holiday practically 365 days a year, and more bearing in mind that on the island more than 300 days a year is sunny. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

The climate in Mallorca, a real luxury

In Mallorca we find average temperate temperatures and seasonal rainfall. The climate of the island is undoubtedly a strong attraction for tourists who every year visit this little piece of paradise Balearic. Its climate is within the subtropical temperature category. This means, as we have said, that summers are very hot and not very long, and, in general, winters are mild.

Although exceptionally there are cold waves that allow us to see the majestic snowy Tramontana. This means that the spring months are ideal for enjoying this temperate climate, outdoor sports, water activities, routes and excursions around the island.

Mallorca, a paradise 365 days a year

Summer is always hot and sunny, ideal for going to the beach. But you can also enjoy ideal vacations in spring and autumn, when the temperature is particularly suitable for sports. Every season has something special, including winter. In February, for example, almond trees bloom in anticipation of spring, and these days are ideal for walking and other outdoor activities. Without a doubt, if you want to see something different and spectacular, at Agroturismo Ses Vistes we recommend that you visit Mallorca at this time of the year when almond trees colour the island pink and the climate allows us to walk along the beaches, and discover the charming villages that are located in the interior of the island.

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