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Rural tourism in Mallorca

Rural tourism in Mallorca
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Rural tourism in Mallorca

Yes, in Mallorca there are paradisiacal coves, beaches and lively walks. However, the part unknown to many is certainly even more impressive than the most touristy areas of the island. For lovers of the Mallorcan tradition, nature, charming corners and excursions that create unforgettable memories make rural tourism in Mallorca a perfect option for this trip at any time of the year.

Agritourism, a different way of travelling

Agritourism has become the favorite type of getaway for the most demanding tourists. In the interior of Mallorca you can find villages and areas full of magic, which are waiting for you to discover them. Rural tourism has been reinvented and renewed, and has become a form of exclusive and personalized tourism.

Small hotels full of charm, exclusive country houses, villas with luxury services and amenities are partly responsible for the growing popularity of this type of rural tourism in Mallorca. Without a doubt, Agroturiso Ses Vistes is one of those almost magical corners from where discovering this little piece of paradise turns a getaway into an experience for the five senses.
Discover everything you can experience at Agroturismo Ses Vistes and let yourself be pampered in this small Oasis located in Porreres.

Mallorca, an island full of magic

Discovering the island is undoubtedly an experience not to be forgotten. In the interior of Mallorca you can breathe that romantic air, the quiet but lively atmosphere of its streets, terraces and walks. In addition, the harmony that surrounds it has made this destination an ideal location for holidays with family, couples and groups of friends.

In Mallorca there are a thousand hidden corners that will make you fall in love, from paradisiacal coves to charming restaurants. Without a doubt, watching the sunset from the beach, a terrace or a viewpoint with the perfect company, whether it is among friends, with your partner or a good book. Seeing sunsets on Mallorca is one of the best pleasures this wonderful island has to offer.

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