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Vacaciones rurales

Rural holidays

Rural holidays
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In Palma de Mallorca we have the best option for the rural holidays you are looking for. In the area of Porreres you will find our agrotourism surrounded by nature, where you can find peace and quiet to enjoy a long holiday or a weekend getaway. With us you can stay with children or simply with your partner. Here we tell you more about Ses Vistes Agroturismo.

Rural hotel in Majorca

Ses Vistes is our 4-star rural hotel in Majorca where you can come and enjoy the nature that surrounds us with your partner or even with your children. We have rooms adapted to the needs of each one of you. So you will find your ideal accommodation with us.

At Ses Vistes you will also be able to appreciate our Mallorcan gastronomy and be more connected with the culture that we offer you in Mallorca. In addition, we have multiple activities to do and enjoy agrotourism to the fullest.

Rural activities

Taking advantage of the fact that we are surrounded by nature, we do cycling tours in the surrounding area. It is one of our healthiest and most peaceful activities, where you will feel relaxed and find peace. To do this activity we provide you with the bikes, don’t worry about anything!

We also offer routes to the Serra de Tramuntana, this part of the island of Mallorca is one of those that maintains a special idyll with its natural environment. In the Serra de Tramuntana you will be able to appreciate the wonderful greenish landscapes that you will be able to capture photographically.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing rural holiday. This is the time to take a break from the stress of everyday life. Also for the little ones to learn to have fun away from the city and the technological environment, come and enjoy agrotourism with us at Ses Vistes.

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