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Mallorca, a paradise of crystal-clear waters

Mallorca, a paradise of crystal-clear waters
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Mallorca is one of the most charming islands, not only in the Balearic Islands, but also in Spain. Its fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, the marvellous inland villages in which the romantic air is breathed, the calm but lively atmosphere of its streets, terraces and walks and all the harmony that surrounds the island have made the island of Mallorca an ideal destination for holidays with family, couples and groups of friends.

In Mallorca there are a thousand hidden corners that will make you fall in love, from paradisiacal coves to charming restaurants. Without a doubt, one of the things you can’t afford not to live on this island is to watch the sunset from any of the lighthouses and viewpoints that take place all along the coast. No doubt seeing the sunset from the beach, a terrace or a look with the perfect company, no matter if it is a friend, your partner or a good book is one of the best pleasures offered by this island.

Another of the things that fill it with life are the capital with its commercial streets, the traditional markets of each locality, which make us immerse ourselves in the island’s traditions, transporting us to a magical place where we can enjoy typical foods, buy handicrafts and souvenirs, wander around with the smell of Mallorcan garden products that seem to flood the streets thanks to the sea breeze.

Couples holidays in Mallorca

Who said that Paris was the city of love? Neither Paris, New York nor Venice… Mallorca is love in its purest form! If you are planning a romantic vacation with your partner to Mallorca, we propose a perfect plan to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in which you only worry about enjoying, relaxing and living new experiences. Yes, we are talking about Agroturismo Ses vistes, a boutique rural hotel full of magic in the heart of the island.
Are you looking for a romantic trip to surprise your partner with? Agroturismo Ses Vistes is the perfect destination for you and your other half to spend some magical days designed to pamper each other. Our hotel in Mallorca ensures a luxury holiday, well-being and personalized care for couples who dare to visit this beautiful island.

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